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This tale addresses those who don’t fit in nor haven’t found a way out, for whom this reconfiguring movement came too late. It calls for those who reject conformity in favour of true autonomy. Uncover the true self. Oppose the standard!

Live imagined, not unimagined! Live as we are, what we are, that we are; Live your inner Brave Hendrik



Is the name of the collection shown at London fashion week 2022 that has gone world-wide viral because it modifies human movement. By sending models onto the catwalk wearing shoes that force you to walk in a different way.

Dirk Vaessen a.k.a. BRAVE HENDRIK

During Dirk Vaessen's design process, he thinks from his alter ego BRAVE HENDRIK. BRAVE HENDRIK pioneers Social Reconfiguration by reshaping movement which modifies posture. Posture modification challenges the status quo by exploring the contrast and fragile balance between identification and self-expression. This implements, reinforces, and reconnects internal structure by replacing social structure.

BRAVE HENDRIK'S philosophy

The previous works of Brave Hendrik have always explored an individual’s identity when choosing how to express themselves. The outcomes are based on an inherent feeling that people should have this right as a human being. Brave Hendrik also thinks that you shouldn’t take your identity for granted. The way you express yourself to the outside world is very important for your happiness in life.

''The name Brave Hendrik means in Dutch: a person who sticks excessively to the rules and who will never be out of line. However, in English the word Brave means courage, heroism, and fearlessness.''