Humans have become uniform by adapting characteristics prescribed by their environment which define their identity. This leads to a loss of self-awareness, to disorientation, and despair. What made us internalise these destructive narratives created by society. Brave Hendrik pioneers Social Reconfiguration by reshaping movement which modifies posture. Posture modification challenges the status quo by exploring the contrast and fragile balance between identification and self-expression. This implements, reinforces, and reconnects internal structure by replacing social structure. This way Brave Hendrik’s restrictive footwear artefacts function as therapeutic tools that adjust human posture based on restrictions of joints. It is believed that by choosing the appropriate restriction, a person’s true self can be restored and uncovered from which a new form of physical and metaphysical identification can emerge.

Hand Piece

Gloves that show just a bit more than other gloves.

Nose Piece

In a quest for a piece of jewellery that must be unique for each unidvidual. A piece of jewellery that should be made for you because it should follow the contours of the human face.

Water Carrier

This picture tells the story of different roles in our society. The water in the headpiece distorts the face and makes it feel very suffocating to wear. For me, this reflects how suffocating the role we have to play can be sometimes.


This photo series is about normalising sex. By designing sex toys that can be implemented in interiors, I wanted to make sex part of everyday life. It is something everyone is allowed to share without being ashamed of it. Although sometimes a little secret is rather exciting.

Head Piece

In search of your own identity. Do you sometimes want to be an angel or a devil? Do you want to be a superhero or an animal? With this collection of 4 masks, BRAVE HENDRIK started to investigate what else he wants to be as a human being. The folds in the masks create a new being that is not human, animal, divine or recognisable. It is something new that you as a human being can interpret yourself. Let your imagination do the work.


Shoes where you can let your inner peacock reveal itself. You can choose where you wear the inflatable shapes and how far you inflate it.

Shoulder Piece

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Body Bag

This collection of 3 body bags is a reaction to the fashion industry. With this collection, BRAVE HENDRIK wants to question people about how they dress. Who really decides what they wear and does their look still have a soul? This collection is inspired by trash bags.